Spiritual Entrepreneur Christopher Solimine

Christopher Solimine

The Mental Wellness Advocate 

Aren’t you the slightest bit curious about how a few behavioral shifts can drastically alter your life as you know it?

Imagine a life where you have confidence, enthusiasm, and an open heart. Life can be pretty tough, so I want to help give you an arsenal of tools to battle with strength and humility.

I’ve dedicated a majority of my life studying the behavior patterns of humans, their nonverbal cues, and health in all its forms.

In my effort to give back to the world, I want to share with you everything I’ve learned about being a confident, happy, and healthy human being.

Dreams do come true and wishes can be fulfilled…

Are you ready to move forward with strength and confidence?

About Chris

About Chris



Online Programs

Online Programs

I am a nurse. I've helped other people my whole life. It took me a long time to admit I needed help myself. Working with Chris, I never felt judged, embarrassed, or pressured. In a kind way, he helped me see a manageable way to gain back control of my life. Thank you.

Lance ClaytonLicensed Vocational Nurse

Christopher actually cares about you and wants to help you succeed. He helped tear down roadblocks that at the time seemed huge. Chris is very generous and he made me realize that I do have people who want to see me succeed. Thank you again, Chris, from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa RobinsonLisa Marie Accounting

Ever since I talked to Chris, I decided there is no more waiting for my life to begin. I met with him because I had a problem and I thought there was only one way out. He gave me a new understanding and the tools necessary to work on life's problems. Chris, thank you again for never judging people, for believing in them, for having strength to open your heart for people every time, and for helping people to set themselves free.

Anna ProlagayevaGraphic Designer

The first time meeting Chris was a great experience! When we finally connected on Skype, he hit key points in my life that others have never hit before. I am now fulfilling my dream!

Stephanie PotterDaycare Owner

If you’re ready to become a better, more skilled professional in all areas,
then learn and absorb the strategies in this brilliant program by Christopher

James MalinchakFeatured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire“, Author of the Top-Selling Book, “Millionaire Success Secrets, Founder, www.MillionaireFreeBook.com

Christopher is warm, loving, and kind. He helped me to get in touch with my natural self and suddenly the future was looking very bright. Thank you, Chris, for caring and connecting the dots with me!

Are PedersenLife Coach, Haugesund, Norway

Dear Christopher, I want to thank you for talking to me at Amma's gathering. It meant a lot to me that a stranger would be so kind and giving. Your words and good intentions were graciously received. Thank you!


Thank you, beautiful soul. I am very inspired by your braod intellect with its many eclectic interests, your kindness, and your tireless work. Glad to make your acquaintance, Christopher!

George Pogiatzis