Earnings Disclaimer

I don’t believe in get rich programs. You must be dedicated to your work, be of service to others, and provide value for people. My programs are intended to help you overcome your challenges and get you to move forward in a positive direction in your life and business.

As stipulated by law, I cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results. I cannot guarantee that you will be healthier, earn any money, or become successful. Those outcomes are all based solely on the actions that you take in your life. The strategies, tools, and ideas that are shared in my program are meant to help you, but I cannot guarantee that they will work. You must be committed to improving your own life.

Nothing presented on themagic12.com or christophersolimine.com is intended to diagnose or treat any mental, physical, or emotional illnesses. Christopher Solimine is not a doctor, lawyer, or other licensed professional. He does not make any claims that he is trained in any way by a state-licensed facility or other certification program that is recognized by any state in the United States of America.

Any financial numbers represented on the christophersolimine.com and themagic12.com websites are only for informational purposes only. Any mention of future earning potential by the use of numbers which represent cash value are only estimates and are not exact numbers or values that you will receive. All income that you earn is based solely on your own merit, ability, skill, and education.