Just like you, Christopher Solimine has the passion and desire to create events that leave audience members transformed, empowered, inspired, and motivated to make positive changes and become strong leaders. In collaboration with Christopher’s expertise speaking on the platform, you will easily and effortlessly be able to create the most uplifting, inspirational, and transforming event possible.

When you work with someone like Christopher, you will truly understand the meaning of teamwork. Christopher is adaptable, experienced, and easy to work with. He has spoken in front of audiences surpassing the 300 mark and taught empowering workshops to people from all walks of life; including but not limited to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and health-and-wellness experts.

Nothing is more important than making sure your speaker knows how to deliver what you want to your audience. When you work with Christopher Solimine, he will ask you what you want delivered and why, and then he will go to work making sure that your event is everything you’ve dreamed of. You’ll have plenty of extra time to do your job as event coordinator, because you won’t have to worry about Christopher’s performance.

Christopher is dedicated to professional excellence as a speaker and for good reason. He become a speaker as a result of an inner-calling after he experienced a profound transformation in his life. He didn’t become a speaker for the desire of earning big wages or becoming famous. He has dedicated his every waking moment, since 2012, to becoming the most effective speaker he can possibly be. He will deliver humor without being dirty, he will deliver passion without ego, and he will deliver results without stress.

If you’re ready for a real guy to deliver real results, without any added fluff, then hire Christopher to speak at your next event.


Ideal Audience:


What if there was a way that you could gain complete and total control over every aspect of your life? Would you be happier and more successful?

Christopher Solimine will vividly walk (or talk) you through a journey that will transform your life from mediocre to MASTER. Book Christopher today, If you are looking for a speaker who will deliver an engaging, inspiring, and empowering 60-90 minute keynote that will help your audience achieve the following results: improved leadership, develop positive outlook on career performance, commitment to self-mastery and excellence, peak performance.

The opening of “MASTER Your Life!” will engage your audience with detailed imagery of actual events that have taken place in Christopher’s life. Once your audience is warmed up, engaged, and locked in on Christopher’s every word, he will transition into the body of his speech.

Your audience will learn the six simple steps to self-mastery. MASTER stands for: 1) Mission 2) Actions 3) Soul 4) Thoughts 5) Emotions 6) Resources Don’t hesitate to contact Christopher, his calendar fills up fast! This is the speech you need to make your next event a total success!

If you wish to book Christopher for an upcoming event, please send an e-mail to 

events AT christophersolimine DOT com






“Kudos on your presentation today. You were fantastic! Keep walking the path of your dreams.”

Monique Boulet, Registered Dietician, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainerwww.organiquebymonique.com



“Chris, I saw you speak at the conference and I took note of your site. You were amazing on stage, and I am so excited for you and your journey. Keep up the great work!” – Rochonda Ferrelli, Life Enrichment Coach


“I had the distinct pleasure of recently attending one of Chris Solimine’s presentations. Through personal life stories and events that have helped to shape his life, Chris convincingly portrayed his personal journey on the road to enlightenment and becoming an empowerment coach. His openness about overcoming serious health and personal issues adds to his genuineness. Chris Solimine is a gifted and passionate speaker, one who inspires and gives hope to all!”

Brenda Matthews Johnson, Freehold, New Jersey


“Hello Chris! This is Samantha from Evolvefest. I wanted to send you an email while the festival and each other are still fresh in our minds. I would love it if you would send me some of your YouTube videos. I’m interested in watching them! So nice meeting you and getting the chance to hear some of your wisdom. Much gratitude!”

Samantha Scanlon, Hudson, Massachusetts

“It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming book. Let us all know when we are able to purchase a copy.”

Michael Dimino, Barnegat Rotary Club

If you wish to book Christopher for an upcoming event, please send an e-mail

to events AT christophersolimine DOT com